(for take out, Pick up, to go, dine in)

Chicken Pesto Panini


(Bread Roll, Chicken Breast, Olive Oil, Dried Oregano, Red Pepper Flakes, Sea Salt, Ground Black Pepper, Pesto)

"BZT" Panini


(Sliced bacon, Zucchini slices, extra-virgin olive oil, Sea salt, Fresh ground black pepper, yellow tomato, thinly sliced, red tomato,
thinly sliced, Bread roll, mozzarella, thinly sliced, Basil)

Turkey Pesto Panini


(olive oil, Bread roll, Pesto, sliced mozzarella, turkey, tomatoes, sliced avocado)

Pesto Meatball Panini


(Bread roll, Pesto, Marinara Sauce, Basil, Garlic, Parmesan Cheese grated, Meatballs,
Mozzarella Cheese)

Schnitzel with Spaetzle


(Pork Schnitzel with Bread-Crumbs, Butter, seasoned with ground Black Pepper, Salt and Garlic with homemade Spaetzle out
of seasoned flour and eggs)

Bratwurst with Cottage Potatoes and Sauerkraut


(Pork meat seasoned with ground pepper, Salt, Cilantro with Cottage Potatoes es and German Sauerkraut)

Gyro Platter with Krautsalad, Tzatziki and Ciabatta Bread


Chicken Doner with Krautsalad, Tzatziki and Ciabatta Bread


German Meatloaf with Cottage Potatoes


German Sausage Patty with North German Potatoes Salad


Lemon Dessert


Homemade Vanilla Pudding


3 Slices of Ciabatta Bread with seasoned Butter (Steakhouse bread)




Traditional $3.15
Gouda $3.75
Gouda & Bacon $3.95
Sesame $3.50

Dipped Ice cream


Small Cone/Cup $2.50
Large Cone/Cup $4.00

Milk Shakes

20oz Cup - Large


Hot Drinks


Single $1.99 / Double $2.39

Espresso Macchiato

Single $2.25 / Double $2.65

Espresso con Panna

Single $2.35 / Double $2.75

Café Latte



Medium $3.95 / Large $4.95

Flat White


Café Breve


Café Mocha


Café Americano




Cold Drinks

Ice Café


Soft Drink