Family Menu for 4 Persons

Family Menu for 4 Persons

Including Starter, Main Course and Dessert for $50

The main course is intended for 4 persons (choose only 1) and the starter/dessert can be chosen individually. When placing an order, please choose only from the family menu below and designate 4 items for you starter, 1 item for your main course and 4 desserts.


Starter: 1 Garlic Bread + 2 Curry Sausage Bites + 1 French Bread with Tzatziki
Main Course: Schnitzel menu for 4 persons
Dessert: 2 Vanilla Pudding + 1 Lemon Quark + 1 Fruit Cocktail

Orders much be placed at least 24h prior to delivery/pick-up!

Starters (Pick 4 - Individual Serving Sizes)

Garlic Bread

Curry Sausage Bites with French Bread

French Bread with Tzatziki

Main Course (Pick 1 - Feeds 4 People)

Schnitzel with Potatoes Salad, Hunetr and Gypsy Sauce

Gyro Platter with Krautsalad, Pepperoncini, Basmati Rice and Tzatziki

Chicken Doner Platter with Cottage Potatoes and Krautsalad

Bratwurst with Cottage Potatoes and Sauerkraut and German Mustard

Dessert (Pick 4 - Individual Serving Sizes)

Homemade Vanilla Pudding with Maraschino Cherries

Lemon Quark

Fruit Cocktail